2004/05/17 - JDBC Manager is being integrated with NetBeans

Sun selected this project to be integrated with NetBeans. Most probably it will appear in version 4.2 of the IDE.
But it does not mean at all that JDBC Manager is discontinued, just the opposite: there is a high probability that Sun will get JDBC Manager as a stand alone tool.
Thanks to all that were interested in this project.

2004/12/06 - New version 0.4.2_1 available

In 0.4.2 "run.*" files only worked with JRE 1.5.
Now it is fixed: there are 2 files for each OS.
Sorry for the inconveniences.

2004/12/04 - New version 0.4.2 available

As several users complained for being mandatory JRE 1.5 with version 0.4.1, this version works with both 1.4.x and 1.5.0
As always, please refer to change_log.txt file.

2004/12/03 - New version 0.4.1 available

Next main version should be 0.5

2004/10/25 - Forums and CVS issues.

Come on and participate!

2004/08/19 - JDBC Manager version 0.4 final

0.4 final version released.

2004/08/13 - JDBC Manager new version preview: 0.4.0 RC2

This new version has lots of improvements; the most important one perhaps is a fixed bug that made JDBC Manager not working with DBMSs that answer "null" when were asked for Catalogs or Schemas (among others Oracle, Firebird, etc.)

On the other hand, new people joined the project. I'd like to welcome to:

The invitation to all others is open: everyone is welcome.

2004/07/07 - JDBC Manager becames member of Java Net.

JDBC Manager is part of Java Net (http://www.java.net) comunity.

2004/06/30 - And then there were three

By using this title of a Genesis album (back in the 80's), I want to welcome the three volunteers that just joined the JDBC Manager project
Until now it was the effort of one person: me (peyrona). From now and on we are a team.
I want to publicly say thanks a lot to: And I want to invite others to join the JDBC Manager project: everyone is welcome.

2004/06/28 - Forum available

A forum was opened to discuss and provide ideas about JDBC Manager.
Allowed natural languages are: English and Spanish.

Visit: http://binfactory.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Forum&file=viewforum&forum=6&10

2004/03/03 - New Version Preview (0.4) available

Please refer to change log to see changes.

2004/02/14 - New Version Preview (0.4) available

Please refer to change log to see changes.

Happy St. Valentines

2003/12/31 - New version (0.3.1) available

One bug solved and minor changes.

Happy new year - Feliz año nuevo

2003/12/17 - New version (0.3.0) available

And of course: Merry Xmas ! In my mother language: ¡ Feliz Navidad !

2003/11/19- New version (0.2.2) available

Please refer to change log to see changes.

2003/10/18- Application name changed to JDBC Manager

There was a contradiction between the project name (JDBC Manager) and the application nanme (JDBC Explorer).