JDBC Manager

1. What is relation between "JDBC Manager" and "JDBC Explorer"
It is a very log story. At the beginning (first few versions) there were two different names, one for the Sourceforge Project (JDBC Manager) and another one for the application (JDBC Explorer); but this contradiction had to be solved. Finally I decided to name the product as the project: JDBC Manager,
and it is and will be its name.

2. When will be available a mature version of the project ?

It is planed for the third quarter 2004.

3. The JDBC driver that I use is not supported

You can use the "JDBC Driver Manager" (in connection dialog) to add it to JDBC Manager.
But if you have problems doing it, just let me know, and I'll help you.
4. My question is not here
Send it to me (my e-mail is in [Home]) and if it can be useful for others, I'll place it here.