JDBC Manager

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What is JDBC Manager
A Swing front end to connect with every DBMS (Data Base Manager System) having a JDBC driver.
It is written using pure Java. It is:
  • Cross-platform: every O.S. with a JVM, JDK 1.4 or above
  • Cross DBMS: every data base server having a JDBC driver
  • Source code available through the Open Source license
Comments are very much welcomed, and should be sent [here].
What can I do with JDBC Manager
This application relies on the JDBC driver: the better the driver is implemented, the more features and possibilities the application will provide to the user.

Thus, if the driver provides updateable ResultSets, the application will allow to change the data stored in the tables, and like this, many other things.

With a good driver, the user can perform -among others- the following tasks:
  • Execute SQL statements against the DBMS
  • Alter (update, append & delete) DB table data using a grid (JTable)
  • Create data bases from scratch
  • Create new tables, relations and indices
  • Alter table structure (add, delete change fields, relations and indices)
  • Delete tables
  • Create, save and retrieve Entity-Relation Diagrams
  • Inspect Stored Procedures
  • Inspect User Defined Types
  • (I'm sure I forget something important...)
JDBC Manager is since version [0.4 RC 2] fully functional (all of above features are implemented) but a few of them are not 100% implemented, and there are bugs pending to be solved. 

Regarding data bases management (create, alter tables, etc.), it is tested only against "MS SQL Server", but every DBMS with a good JDBC driver and compliant with SQL92 should work.

Any case, during April and May 2004 I expect to make more debugging and to add support for other DBMSs.